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Diversify with Cogent Bay Commercial Real Estate

Cogent Bay Fund One provides real estate investment opportunities that give our investors access to key commercial real estate developments. We invite you to review all properties at once to develop a full picture of the strength that diversity provides.

Cogent Bay Fund 1 Performance

17.9% IRR

The Internal Rate of Return is calculated based on an expectation of future cashflow

$7M Capital Raised

Total funds invested through the Cogent Bay Fund 1 Offering


Distributions to be paid on a quarterly basis.

Invest freely as an Individual. Invest confidently with the Power of Real Estate Syndication.

Strength in Numbers

Leverage the power of the network of investors. Join a community of like-minded investors - each adding value to the collective.

Strength in Diversity

Our portfolio includes the kind of direct commercial real estate property investments that lead to success.

Strength in Simplicity

We take pride in making the complex simple so you can invest with confidence.

“In its theories and practice, the core ideas of finance are founded in a set of logically cogent ideas”

– David Sowels

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